You will be surprised to learn, but there are some automatic and instant techniques to monitor your competitors activities online. The set up only takes a few minutes and it actually involves zero effort. These methods are also completely free.
You can use these methods to learn what your competitors are up to:

* {Adding a new section to their webpage
* {Press Release issue
* {Get features in a blog or on the news
* {When customers talk about them in various forums

monitor competitor prices. They said, it is important to keep your friends close, but it is more important to keep your enemies closer, this is where the information can come in handy to you. This easy method can help you stay ahead in the game, by keeping a close eye on your competitor’s activities.

Google Alert
Google Alert is a great way of staying in touch with what your competitors might be up to, this is a free service and it sends you alerts on email everytime it comes across new information that contains the phrases or keywords that you have listed and wish to track.
For instance, all you have to do is set up the alert, and you will receive an email from google alerting you about the new piece of information where the phrase or keyword has been used.
Google claims to have 1 trillion pages indexed in a year and therefore can be perceived as the masters of finding new content and therefore you do not have to be stressed about missing anything at all.

Setting up an Alert

365 Days of Retail.To start, you will have to visit Google alerts page (You would need a Google Account to set up the same, and if you do not have one, simply follow the steps that are listed and you can have one).
Next, all you have to do is enter the search query that you wish to track.
The next step would be to start narrowing down the options on the alerts as you desire. The ideal option would be to select ‘Everything’ under ‘Results Type’ setting and choose ‘All Results’ when you are presented with the ‘How Many’ option. One thing that you need to be prepared for is getting emails all the time, if you have chosen to get alerts ‘As it happens’ and if your competitor is big. Pricing Transparency.
This is a call you will have to take. However, don’t forget that you can always switch to another option, depending on the limit at which it gets too much or is too less.

Tips and Tricks for Alerts
Seeking the best results is an ongoing process, you will have to be open to experimenting with keywords and phrases so that you get the best results, for this you will have to constantly monitor the alerts you get via email and make changes accordingly so than you can get rid of unrelated alerts.
It is a good idea to use quotes so that you can group phrases.

If you simply enter the words you will get an alert via email that the words have appeared in new indexed content. If you use quotes, then you will receive alerts, only when they appear as phrases. Using negative keywords is a great way of refining your search. Putting a minus before the keyword indicates that it is negative.

It is also a great idea to set up your website and your own name with Google Alerts, so that every time your product or your name gets mentioned in a blog or a forum, you are alerted and you can respond in an appropriate manner. You could also add a product name to the alert, and then you could wait and see what results you get through this move.
The best way to get effective results is investing some time and playing with a few alerts, that way, you will know what you are missing out on.