An emoticon is basically a textual representation of a writer’s face, how he is feeling or his disposition. An emoticon conveys the tenor of a statement and therefore improves the quality of communication. Today, studies have shown that emoticons actually evolved in the nineteenth century, and were oft used in humorous communication. The avatars of these emoticons that we see today were only introduced in the early eighties.

Emoticon is a combination of two words, emotions and icon, together they express one’s emotions. There are a number of platforms that can easily identify emoticons and they are instant messengers, online games and also Microsoft Word to some extent. Initially, they were straight forward and general in character, however, now they have become extremely complex, and you may have to deploy a series of menus and pop ups to access them.

funmoods on greetingmoods. In fact, emoticons have diversified into various moving images and are not just simple facial expressions. While they may have been developed as facial expressions, emoticons today use various additional elements to convey different things for instance an expression with a guitar, which suggests music.

Graphic emoticons only came about in the nineties. Most developers use gif and png formats top create these emoticons, because they are small and have the benefit of transparency. A few developers who design emoticons, do it pixel by pixel to give better animation, they can use up to 50 pixels. A few emoticons are made in vector formats like SVG and they are usually automatically processed using graphic libraries. SVG is not compatible with all browsers and therefore this conversion into gif or png is a must.

Anime Emoticons. Supported by popular web browsers, email clients and web services. This helps us in getting winks for free for email. Life is indeed boring without these amazing emoticons, just take a moment to imagine, what life an emails would be without them.

You know well, that a recipient of a email message cannot see you. They cannot see you smile. They cannot tell if you may be frowning. She cannot hear your voice. She may not be able to hear your laughter. She not be able to know if you have a flirtatious tone in your voice. Non verbal communication is missing when you talk to someone via email.

In fact, all of us know, hos we say something sometimes becomes more important that what we say. What happens in most cases is that all the information that is lying in the gestures and tone is not transmitted. An emoticon textually represents what the writer is thinking or feeling or what his face looks like. Emoticons emphatically bring to notice the tenor of a statement. Emoticon is a combination of two words – Emotion and Icon.