Do you ever wonder whether men and women use emoticons differently?I am sure it is possible because I used lots of emoticons. My husband and friends keep repeating this fact. Sometimes, I text smileys to my son at college and he replies :). It is my style of letting him know that he is special.

Women are much more emotional during communication. Sending emails is never enough. It is a well known fact that men hide their emotions. Are you aware of dead pan face?Do you wonder whether emoticons actually improve quality of communication?I am a big fan of emoticons. Women like to talk everything when they are in a serious relationship. Funmoods Smileys.

They can talk about anything emotionally. This might be the reason for the popularity of smileys among women. Men usually express sarcasm and skepticism with emoticons. I am not sure that this is 100% true. Men can handle sarcasm and they can easily hide what they feel even during humorous conversations.

Emoticon Categories. I love emoticons because they are whimsical and expressive. In written communication, it is easy to misinterpret the mood of the writer. When a person writes down a text or email, there is a chance of misunderstanding the mood. Emoticons are useful in clearly expressing emotions in a non-verbal communication.

I know I haven’t written much such posts, but I am intrigued by emoticons and relationship. Communication should be simple for both parties. Emoticons are simple enough to understand and extensive enough to express any emotion. Can you relate it to your smile?I smile often and I use emoticons. It is natural for me to express happiness and warmth with emoticons.

Emoticons are like my pets and I embrace them often even though they are available all the time. There is no need to hide emotions, especially when the emotions are positive. I feel pity on people who try to hide their emotions. It is rightly said that men are from mars and women are from venus. Any conversation is made livelier with animated emotions. It simply means that animated emoticons are important for any conversation. May be I am admitting here that I am a smiley lover. I am thinking too seriously and I deserve a break :).