I’m a Google toolbar user. Maybe you do the same. It helps you by saving you a couple of things, and you don’t really think about it. But you should think about it because it can be a threat for your business. It changes the behavior of the web visitor by providing a great way to leave your site at any time.

Classic Search Engines It makes it easy for visitors to exit your site. When a visitor is unsure whether or not the site they’re on is of use to them, they use the toolbar. If a couple of years ago visitor would use your site’s search function, they now have a choice.

mySearchdial .And when a visitor uses Google’s toolbar, they can go to another site. Let’s say that you have a site that sells computers. The moment the visitor doesn’t see the link with the word they’re after, they’re tempted to type it into the toolbar. Once that happens they get results from the web, and they can land on a competitor site.  Search Engine Watch.

A closer look at the toolbar threat

For those that don’t use toolbars, we’ll just say that they are easily installed and downloaded into any web browser. They’re in the browser at all times, so, all you need to do is to move the mouse to the search box and type in the query. So, it only takes the push of a button for a user to look at search results that aren’t on your site. Toolbars can show results from the WWW but also from your site. My Search Dial.

So, visitors might only be looking at results from your site. This can be a comforting thought, but it doesn’t always come with a happy ending. This because users might click the wrong search button and they might end up with a web wide search. Now, you see why users should use your site’s search function and not a toolbar.

What can you do?

The short answer is: improve your site. Improve site navigation to decrease the urge to click away from your site. Your site needs to be “search obvious”. Make that search function of your site clearly visible, make it stand out!Having your search box on each and every page is a great way to solve this problem. Also, make sure that you improve the site’s search results. Making sure that your site is search friendly and that it gives users great results, is going to ensure that your visitors stay on your site and they don’t stray.