On the top right corner of the browser window, you will be able to see a text bar which is the search bar. You can simply search using search bar without using actual search engines. To search anything, type your query in the search bar and corresponding search engine will give you the results. You only need to type the query in the search bar once, but make sure that the right search engine is selected. You will now see the search results.

Working With Search Bar

Search bar is completely customizable and you can remove it any time. The search bar’s size can also be increased or decreased using your mouse. Search the Web Guide.

Adding More Search Engines
Browser will incorporate multiple search engines. Only one search engine will be active at a time and you can see its icon on the bar. In order to change your search engine, click on the icon to open a dropdown list and choose a new search engine. You can use search engines manager to include new search engines.


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Open Add-On Search Tools page by clicking on Get More Search Engines. This page will list search engines and you can add them to your browser with Add to browser button. You can immediately use search engine if you click on Start using it right away. You can also add less popular search engines to your browser toolbar by visiting those specific websites. YouTube offers a search engine that can be added to your browser manually by adding ‘YouTube Video Search’.

Rearranging Search Engines
Open search engines manager by clicking on Manage Search Engines from search engine icon. Delete search engine by choosing it and clicking Remove. Accidental deletions can be restored by clicking on Restore Defaults. To re-order search engines, open search engines manager and use Move Up and Move Down options. Secrets of Search.

Shortcuts for search engines can be created as keywords. Instead of opening eBay website, type eBay and type eBay lamps to search for lamps on eBay. Keywords for search engines can be assigned using search engines manager. Highlight the search engine and click on Edit Keyword to type a keyword for the search engine. Search engines list has a keyword column and you can view keywords in the list. mySearchDial.

Suggestions For Search
To ease your efforts, allow your browser to provide search suggestions. As you type your query, suggestions will be displayed and you can choose one. In the search engines manager, click on Show Search Suggestions to enable this option.