You would have observed that search marketing is always on top in the list of priorities for all organizations of any sector. If you take a close look at their efforts, B2B search marketing has many differences from the ones used by PPC or SEO companies. Since products, services and the market range of B2B industries are always small, those who are into B2B markets plan differently with reference to their keywords, link building, and online content.

TopRank has been associated with a number of companies that use search marketing to gain access to B2B clientele and there are a few marketing tips that will help companies improve their business results.

Marketing tactics to relate to many entities related to the business: The B2B purchasers are stakeholders that visit the site with a totally different perspective.

A HR manager of a company may be interested in obtaining more information about a recruitment software to find out how effective it is. Similarly a finance department official may want to check the value the product has. It is also possible that a software personnel would want to know about the integration of the software in the overall system of the company. Hence it is essential that a B2B company focuses on the different requirements of people such as:

  • Benefits to the buyer when they buy the services
  • Purpose each stakeholder looks for in the products
  • How well they understand the utility of the products
  • Who would turn out to be actual buyers

Providing vital content: While B2C companies mainly work on the product information in their websites, for B2B companies, sales conversions happen mainly because of customer relationships and important contents to prove that company as a reliable source and thoughtful in their approach. Establishing relationships can happen with the help of video demos, newsletters, and case studies on the site. TopRank helped an industry to use a blog strategy with the help of interviews from leaders. Such blog posts were created with the help of insight from important personnel through interviews and optimized keywords. The company could get an increase of 50% in the number of visitors to the blog resulting in increase of referrals by more than 140%.

Establishing identity: It can mostly be the case with the B2C companies to get business when a visitor accesses their website, but B2B companies may have to wait for the visits to bear fruits. But when a client establishes contact with a B2B company by searching on the internet, mostly it converts into sale. It is very important that the B2B Company identifies the requirements of such a visitor, chances of converting his visit into sales by means of evaluation, and creates such contents that meet their requirement. You can check how to ensure you have a high ranking b2b site in this extensive guide by SocialNomics.

Also it is important that those company websites that strives to reach the B2B clientele should work on gaining top SEO rankings. It is essential that these visitors should be convinced about the B2B company by means of:

  • User experience with regard to click-through rates, time a client depends on particular page, and length of visits
  • All relevant information for assessing the company and the products
  • Provision of vital links on the home page of the website to lead the clients to all the vital statistics about the company

Think of not-so-routine strategies for link building: B2B companies are usually small in size when compared to B2C organizations. So the number of websites that link to B2B websites are also less in number. For example blogs that talk about food processing technologies could be fewer than the ones that discuss fashion related issues. Hence it is essential that the B2B companies think above the routine tactics to get more links to their websites.

  • Blogs about general issues related to the companies can be included when they work on particular niches
  • B2B companies can arrive at agreements with their suppliers to have more inbound links in their sites
  • Links that talk about a different market also related to the products of the companies can be included

Result-oriented keywords: Making use of effective keywords is very important for a search marketing campaign for a company. These keywords should help in establishing a long term relationships with the clients and should be more productive than the ones used by B2C organizations. A prospective buyer may in the beginning use a few keywords for getting information about the company and these would be different from the ones that are used by ones about to confirm the sales. The website of the company should offer all the information and links that can be obtained by using such keywords.

TopRank created a list of powerful keywords for a B2B company that took into consideration visitors to turn into buyers. This resulted in the understanding of fact that such prospective buyers used terms that were the exact product names or general names to search for a particular product. But general visitors to a particular website used issue-based words or ones related to problems to search the website. So the company used keywords glossary that contained terms both issue-based and terms that talked about the products. Such an effort helped in increase of keyword referrals almost by 60%.

In nutshell, it is important for a B2B company to understand the requirements of the audience, what they search for, solutions, indirect or direct effect, and how the search turns into sales.